Hurricane Hermine approaching Perry Florida

Strong Tropical Storm Hermine is less than 12 hours from making landfall in the Florida Big Bend region.


Hermine currently has sustained winds of 65mph. Hermine is currently expected to become a Hurricane prior to making landfall in Florida.


Storm Surge of 4 to 7 feet is expected along the Big Bend region, including the community of Cedar Key and other surrounding areas. This will likely cause a major inundation of water for the entire island.

The center of the storm is currently projected to make landfall just to the east of Wakulla Beach. Looking on a map, this is almost exactly where the bend of Florida has its innermost curve.

As of right now, it appears the the center will pass about 30 miles to the southeast of Tallahassee, Florida’s state capital.

The most significant populated area near the right-front quadrant of this storm is Perry, Florida. As a result, we will be heading to a motel in Perry tonight.

The Track is Deceiving

Hermine is a very lopsided storm, so the vast majority of affects will be to the east and south of the center of the storm. In fact, the effects will extend well to the southeast of the center, as far as areas north of Tampa. This includes storm surge, damaging winds, flash flooding and scattered tornadoes.


The timing of the worst of the winds near the shore currently appears to be between 10pm and 5am. Peak winds can be expected around 3:30 am on Friday.


Hurricane Hermine Wind Forecast

Perry, FL Wind Forecast


Storm Effects

Regardless of where the center makes landfall, the following can be expected anywhere from Tallahassee to Lake City Florida, especially the closer to the coast you are located…

  • Power outages
  • Flash Flooding
  • Winds of 40-80mph for several hours
  • Isolated Tornadoes
  • Storm surge of 4 to 8 feet