Eternal Trek. A Lifelong  Journey.


Our lives are an everlasting journey, not a destination.


We pass through a series of temporary destinations, but our journey never ends, even once we perish from the Earth.


Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico. May 2015.

We pass our experiences and lessons onto the next generation (Regardless of whether we realize or intend to do so.)

  • Experiences are exceedingly more valuable than possessions.
  • The meaning of life is to give your life meaning.
  • We are either growing or dying in this life, and if you aren’t willing to grow, then you are dying. 
  • Your fears are an indication of what you should pursue or improve in your life.
  • Overcoming intergenerational pain is a primary goal in your quest.


What you are doing at this exact moment is what your entire life is about.


Driving. Walking. Pumping gas. Staring blankly into space or the mirror. Plunging your toilet when you are already late for work. Sitting on the couch watching TV for 57th night in a row wishing your life had a meaningful purpose.


If that is what you are doing at that moment, then that is what your life is about.


We only have this exact moment in which to live, the present, and every moment is fleeting.


Every moment, the entire world is changing all around us, even though we cannot entirely see this ourselves.


We are all in the midst of a long journey, whether we wish to be or not.


You can surrender your life quest, without ever knowing your true potential, but you can never evade incoming bills and an aging body. Suicide is never an option.


Alternatively, you can embrace your journey, whatever pain it may bring, and wherever it may lead you towards fulfillment.


Instead of wasting our time escaping in a lifeless fantasy world, we can seek to improve our own reality at every given opportunity.


We all have our plans, hopes, dreams, desires, expectations and all of that good shit for life.  Many of us never even acknowledge the existence of our own desires for our entire lives.

One split second event can send all of those wishes into a devastating tornado (literally!)

One minuscule occurrence, one misfired brain impulse, can knock your journey off of its current tracks and place you onto a new, perhaps better road you couldn’t imagine existed.
Road Bend

Big Horn Mountain Pass, Wyoming. June 2016.

99% of our journey is the “Pursuit”

That day-to-day grind, the struggle, the hustle.

Walking, driving, waiting to board the airplane after a three hour delay, texting while driving and almost hitting a pole, yelling at your internet connection.
Ignoring your responsibilities, cleaning up the dog’s shit, working 90 hours per week, washing the dishes, finally making it to the gym after promising yourself you would go countless times.


1% of our journey is the “Happiness”

Winning the race, your wedding day, catching the big wave, the momentary pleasure of ice cream or making love/lust, taking that dream picture of the mountain sunrise, meeting that famous person.


Your mindset—that is your attitude, your quality of thoughts, and your day to day habits (no matter how big or small), is what defines your pursuit.…and is thus the embodiment of your entire life story.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle


Therefore, you may choose to view the struggles of your life as your trek—your journey, your personal quest.


Many of us come from less than favorable backgrounds in life.  Poverty stricken, abused or neglected by parents, physical disabilities, mistreated by teachers or friends.


All of these circumstances are unfortunate, but considerably more unfortunate is never attempting to learn and grow from your life experiences.


Life is rarely fair, but choosing a mindset of victimhood is vastly more unfair to yourself and the universe.


This is your only quest; your only chance to engage in the happiness of pursuit on planet Earth.



Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota. May 2016.


Join me as I embark on a pursuit of happiness; I hope to provide value to your life through my life lessons and experiences involving both literal and metaphorical journeys.


Please do not waste your only opportunity, start seeking out what you want and need out of life immediately.